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2017.01.07 Dream Lake

This hike, on this day, was strenuous to say the least. A 28" delicate snow base, no snow shoes, and substantial wind gusts filled each step with doubt. We had to constantly reassure ourselves it would be worth it in the end. When each step forward was as deep as the waist, your energy drains quickly. On any normal day, this hike would be painless, but today, was no normal day. 2.2 mile out-and-back with only 450 elevation gain implies a nice stroll. Reaching Nymph Lake, we took a wrong turn and had to dredge the deep snow pack on an extreme incline. When reaching Dream Lake, the wind was pressing remarkably hard. Our eyes watered and hands froze. it was strangely unbearable. We were only able to enjoy the view for a few moments before we had to head back. Even after that work and the short time we were able to enjoy the view, it was all worth it in the end. 

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