5.23.17 - Road Trip

     Tim and myself took off on a road trip across Colorado May 19th and returned May 25th. We had lots of stops to make. This trip has been on my must do list for sometime. We did not make it to all the stops on my list, but made a big dent.

     First stop, Grand Junction. We didn't arrive until 10PM. We were hungry and tired. We got into town and used Yelp to find a place to eat. This town was dead, nothing open. We decided to check out a bar instead. It was called Chesters. Went in, and totally felt out of place. This is a place where everyone, knew everyone. And no one knew us. We continued about our own business. We ordered a beer and hung out until bar close. By that time we were really hungry and didn't have a place to stay. We were going to go outside of town and camp, but we pull an old fashion Brandon and Tim random adventure. We decide to camp in the parking lot of this bar. Since we are hungry and we have our camp gear, we decide to boil up some dehydrated chicken gumbo. The water amount in the instructions was in cups and my measuring cup was in liters. We attempted a conversion off the top of our heads. Turns out we were on the right track... but doubled the water amount. Now we were stuck with good old fashioned watered down gumbo. Didn't eat to much. Went to bed in the car and woke up the next morning.

     Next Morning, We woke up all sorts of cramped. Now we know we are truly getting old. There was a river right outside the car, we washed our gumbo bowls, did some attempted yoga and went on our way. Next stop: Unaweep Tabeguache Canyon Road. We wanted to drive this entire thing. From the photos it looked amazing, and it was. My favorite spot was Thimble Rock Point. The view there was the best. After getting through all 133 miles we arrive at Telluride. 

    We landed in Telluride about 11am. Since we didn't have breakfast we decided to hit lunch right away. We stopped at a place downtown called Floradora Saloon. Both got some burgers and enjoyed the sunshine. There was a girl at the table next to us, reading a book and eating by herself. She started to talk to us when we were about done with our food. We ended up grabbing coffee with her at The Coffee Cowboy and a beer at Brown Dog Pizza. Later that night we end up on Ourey, Colorado at O'Brien's Pub & Grill. Got some dinner and relaxed. That night we decided to camp outside of Ourey at Weber RV park. I spend the rest of the night taking shots of the milky way. 

 We wake up the next morning and make our trip to Cortez/Canyon of the Ancients. I made a separate entry about this, see the Cortez entry. What a mess...

     After Cortez, we head to Durango for the night. We were starving, tired and needed to shower. We ate some pizza at a place called "Fathers Daughters". It was good, Chicago Pizza good. We decided we needed a shower and not to camp this night, we got the cheapest motel we could find, showered, read a book, and passed out until morning. We woke up and got some coffee. We walked around downtown for a bit and stopped in at the Durango Outdoor Exchange. Our boss told us it was owned by his cousins. We went in chatted with the owner a little bit and went on our way home. 

     My take-aways from this: Never vist Canyon of the Ancients again. Too much disappointment and nothing is open in Grand Junction after 10. 

Brandon Nicklaus