05.22.17 - Cortez

Cortez - this trip was good. It taught us a lot about defeat. When we arrived at the canyon of the ancients. We arrived with 1 liter of water each and not much food. Our goals were to view and photograph the side of the rock dwellings. We walked about 15 miles total and only saw one square built dwelling and a wall of another. We ambitiously thought we misread the map, and that "pueblos" were where the massive dwellings were. So we decided to check out one of those. Long and behold 3 miles later, we were not anywhere we wanted to be. A full day in a desert we were defeated with what we discovered. We got on the road to Durango from there, some pizza at Fathers Daughter's. It made everything right. 

     Later, we came to find out the massive dwellings are in the park next to canyons, Mesa verde. Basically it's like turning back on a goal and knowing when enough is enough 

Brandon Nicklaus