2017.07.22 - My First 14ers

July 22nd, 2017. My second attempt at reaching a 14er summit, finally made it. My buddy Tim and myself left my apartment at 3am so we can watch the sunrise from the top. What a sunrise it was. We made it to the first summit right about 5:45am. The sky was blue and red. Very colorful. I was extremely pleased to make it as I was battling altitude sickness. Second summit only came an hour later. By 7am we had summited both Mt Bierstadt (14,065 FT) and Mt Evans (14,265 FT). In order to get to Mt. Evans from Mt. Bierstadt you have to cross the sawtooth. Pretty amazing views the whole way. A decent amount of bodies of water.My favorite had to be Abyss Lake. We flew the drone around to catch some of the views. All in all a good hike. On to the next ones!

Brandon Nicklaus