9.28.17 - Arc'teryx / Nature Conservancy Gallery Event

People are amazing. I cannot express in words the way I feel in this moment in time. Nothing but pure and raw emotion. The friendship, the backing, of “my people” was huge last night at the gallery event. The felicitation from "my people" and complete strangers were out of this world, yet humbling at the same time. I am simply a dude that likes to opt outside and go on adventures and gain experiences. With these experiences, the photographs come. Nothing more than that. I am not a photographer. A. Dude. Who. Likes. Experiences. And. Adventure. Never underestimate people in this world. Together, we can all do amazing things. Thank you to my wife, Leanne, for dealing with all my adventures, ambitions, and goals. Thank you to my hiking buddy Tim. Thank you to "my people" Eddie, Amber, Steve, Mary, Brian, Sean, Amy, Erick, Danielle, & Jason. Means the world.



Brandon Nicklaus