03.14.14 - Bar Of Soap

     There's something so special about a simple bar of soap. I just got a fresh bar. It's been sometime since I used one. Lately, it's just been bottled body washes. This seems to be the way of now. This soap is called Dr. Bronner's magic soap. It's 100% fair trade made with all natural ingredients. It states Emmanuel Bronner. "A third-generation German-Jewish master soap maker brought the family's old world soap recipes to the US in the late 1920's and established what has become the top selling natural brand of liquid and bar soaps in America. In addition to producing an exceptional lather and smooth after feel. Our soaps support fair trade, organic agriculture and a healthy environment." For some reason slowly opening the paper package was an enjoyable experience for me . It reminded me of the too many things we take for granted. The old simple things we forget to enjoy daily. The craftsmanship that goes into everything. The package was neatly wrapped and sealed with an adhesive on both ends which came apart cleanly. Upon taking the bar out, the aroma gave a strong peppermint scent. Observing to the bar itself was astonishing. I love the thought of a master soap maker . A simple sounding profession full of passion and care for an object that is just ultimately taken for granted this day in age. The bar was silky smooth and almost a perfect box shape with minor imperfections throughout. This gave it character. I instantly started to attempt to make the imperfections in the bar disappear and correct them.  I then stopped and decided I like the way the are. Sometimes these simple things really take a stand and remind you how far this world has Come.

Brandon Nicklaus